We are not the average chamber, we invest in technology, AI and human intel to connect you with the target audience in perpetuity.  We provide innovative revenue-building and organization-strengthening resources to Northern Virginia businesses by catalyzing strategic relationships among business owners, C-Level executives, Veterans, government procurement officials, academics, as well as technology and service providers.  


Our Values:

· Members First: Our partners satisfaction is our #1 priority.

· Community: We are a trusted and informed resource for the business and residents of Northern Virginia.

· Advocacy: We represent the interests of our members, partners and sponsors in order to support and stimulate economic growth and quality of life.

· Integrity: We take our member investment seriously and operate honestly and ethically.

· Inclusive: We offer an environment where all feel welcome. 

CATALYZING on Innovation, Challenges and Opportunities

Other Transactional Authority - OTA Seminar April 18th, 2019 NOVAHCC delivering innovative Government Contracting Procurement Training 

Blockchain Technology International Forum: A Dialog On Challenges and Opportunities for Diversity Suppliers

 July 25th, 2018

Innovative Bottom Line Results


Grow Your Business Maximazing Opportunities With B2B and B2G Matchmakings

 Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce facilitates procurement opportunities with a series of business matchmaking throughout the year in the following industries: Construction, Healthcare, Engineering Services, Financial Services, Government Contracting and Information Technology. The purpose is to achieve bottom line results, training business owners to be procurement-ready to gain access to economic opportunities. Also, the chamber delivers training by experts to prepare business owners for our ongoing B2B and B2G Matchmaking events. 


Veterans Entrepreneurship & Career Initiative

Providing career options and business opportunities to our Veterans are important to Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  For this reason, our chamber seeks to align with the requirements of the V3 (Virginia Values Veterans) and other initiatives to assist our Veterans to market their skills, background and experience to the competitive job market. Our Veteran Employment Initiative provides career advice, résumé-building assistance, and access to employers who are committed to hiring our military as well as Veterans. 


Workforce Development/ JOBS

NOVAHCC Workforce Development Committee has over 35 years of combined experience in Human Resources, Recruitment and strategic Workforce Development, for this reason, we are able to identify current and future labor market needs in the region maximizing results by aligning candidates with employer’s needs. Do you have positions to fill? Advertise them here and let us refer you great candidates your way.


Col. Jim Saenz USA Ret


"Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has been a fantastic partner for both my small business and for me as a professional.  Recently retired from the military, looking to start a second career, and relatively new to the region, I was looking for an organization that could help me get acquainted with the the local business community.  NOVAHCC perfectly filled that roll.  Through NOVAHCC, I have met some incredible business, government, and community leaders who have helped me get settled in the area and learn about some unique opportunities.  While I continue to be active in NOVAHCC as the owner and operator of a small consulting firm, NOVAHCC colleagues also helped me find and land a terrific senior leader position in a DC organization. Thanks to NOVAHCC, I have endless opportunities to be successful in business and to give back to our community." 

Alexandra Rossi, Business Owner

Alexandra Rossi

I am the president of ARM Integrated Communications, a Marketing firm located in Reston,VA   

"I love this Chamber! in the few months I’ve been a member, I already got several clients and I have met very influential people in the Washington Metro region who also have referred me new clients as well. Their educational events are also very interesting and as well as their initiatives to help business achieve their goals. I highly recommend it. 

Elena Pouchelon, Business Owner

Elena Pouchelon

Within a couple of months of joining Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I was put in touch with local and international vendors! This has expanded my network in tremendously and opened doors many new business opportunities. Looking forward to the future partnership!  I recommend Northern Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to businesses looking for trusted strategic partners.  

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